Canon RF 15–35 mm F2.8L IS USM | Hands-On Review

Canon’s new RF mount already has many interesting (and costly) lenses. This article reviews the 15-35mm wide-angle lens released by Canon in 2019.

Here are the lens details in a nutshell.

Name: Canon RF 15-35mm F2.8L IS USM

  • Bright F2.8
  • L-Series Ultra Wide Angle
  • 5-Step Image Stabilizer
  • Nano USM Focus
  • Weight: 840g
  • Minimum focusing distance: 28 cm
  • Customizable adjustment ring at the front of the lens
  • Price: € 2,300 or so

At the time of writing, I’ve been using the lens for about a month on Canon EOS RP. I’ve been shooting mainly interiors, nature and products.

Canon RF 15-35mm F2.8: Extremely Good and Really Valuable

First things first: I haven’t done a full technical review of the lens and I don’t have experience with other wide angle lenses, so I can’t say how well the lens is technically doing. The Ken Rockwell review has more test images and technical information for those looking for it.

However, the Canon RF 15-35mm F2.8 lens can be summed up like this: really good and really valuable (expensive). If money is not an issue and you need a RF mounted wide-angle lens, there’s nothing to stop you from getting this lens.

I liked:

– Bright wide angle (15 mm is wiiiiiide)

– High-quality build

– Quiet and focuses fast

– Image stabilization saves you from blurry images

I didn’t like:

– Nothing I didn’t like.

Hands-on Review: Canon’s Wide-Angle Lens in Action

I have used a Canon RF mounted telezoom (70-200mm F 2.8L) and this wide angle. Both are fast L-series masterpieces that are nice to caress and cradle even when you’re not taking any shots.

The 15-35 mm lens has opened up my photography to new ares. With this wide-angle lens, I have mainly taken product and nature pictures. Switching between this and the 70–200 F2.8 you can manage almost any situation encountered in non-professional situations. Or even some semi-professional shoots. I personally have not missed the third Trinity lens, i.e. the 20-70mm F2.8L lens.

  • Focus is fast, quiet, and accurate. Usually, it just snaps into the right object from the go.
  • Image quality is not an issue. I’m not a good enough photographer to miss anything on lens quality. I believe the same can be said for many other photographers. The lens quality won’t be an issue.
  • What you shoot affects how often you need this. I’ve enjoyed the 15–35 mm especially in cramped interiors where it does the job brilliantly. However, the 70-200mm telephoto zoom is more familiar to me so I tend to gravitate towards that. that.

To sum up: if your wallet is thick enough and you need a wide-angle lens, then the Canon L-Series are a sure choice.

Sample images: Canon RF 15-35mm F2.8L

Product images
Laajakulma sisätilojen kuvaamiseen
The fast F2.8 15-35mm is great for making cramped interior shots feel spacious
It’s not a marco lens but you can get close if needed.
Luontokuvia RF 15-35 mm -linssillä
Go wide. Go spacious.

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